Optimum Subwoofer Arrangement – Part I

Optimum subwoofer arrangements with respect to room mode cancellation were discussed before. Sever whereas four of them are applied and discussed for this specific home theater design example. Furthermore, additional subwoofer arrangements were investigated in order to achieve an optimum low frequency response to provide little seat to seat variations among the listening area. The investigated subwoofer arrangements are depicted in figure 1.

Figure 1: Several possible subwoofer arrangements for the design example.

frequency response!

The frequency response for each subwoofer arrangement is plotted in figure 2. The frequency response is depicted up to 500 Hz. Since the crossover frequency of the subwoofers was set to 125 Hz, the room mode cancellation by means of the subwoofer arrangement will only be effective up to 125 Hz.

Figure 2: Frequency responses of each subwoofer arrangement.

Moreover, according to the calculated Schroeder frequency for this home theater, room modes are dominating the frequency response 2. (i) shows the frequency response of a 3/4 full-range loudspeaker arrangement without subwoofers. The scenario without subwoofers shows a large level difference between the 20-63 Hz frequency band and the 63-125 Hz frequency band.

The subwoofer arrangement in (a) and (e) create the smoothest low-frequency response up to 125 Hz and hence causes little seat-to-seat variations among the entire listening area. However, the four subwoofer arrangement at the 25% distances to each wall will be superior in attenuating the first three orders of room modes and in producing a tight bass with good levels.

final assumption!

The single subwoofer in (a) provides good results for listener 02 but will not be able to provide that frequency response to several listeners. Hence, seat-to-seat variations will remain. Moreover, the combination of more than one subwoofer reduces the chance of driving one subwoofer into distortion. Eventually, the frequency responses for additional listening locations in order to compare the seat-to-seat variations will be discussed.

In this post, we went to the acoustic design of the home theater and its considerations. Items needed to mention audio improvements and other parameters will be published in future posts. These items will pave the way for creating a home theater with the highest quality.

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