Home automation

Modern and classic products of home and hotel automation for the management of lighting, ventilation, etc.

Wiring devices & switches

Wide range of products from processed materials to wood, metal, glass, and other natural elements, with the highest quality

Door phone and security

Advanced, versatile & under network door phones, accurate surveillance cameras and alarm system.

Professional audio

Home audio equipment including advanced network amplifiers and special speakers with unique sound.

Lighting system & illumination

Lighting products with good quality & reasonable prices from world’s top manufactures.


Surface Treatments – Part I

In this post, we went to the first part of improving the acoustic levels for designing a home theater, and we will review the second part in future posts.

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Loudspeaker Arrangement

A 3/4 surround sound setup was aligned according to the ITU-R BS.775-3 recommendations for a seven-channel arrangement. All loudspeakers are at least one meter far

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