Home automation

New world of high-tech combination based on IoT, architectures’ art and pioneer designers. Luxurious building that provides you with comfort and reduction of cost with total intelligence and correct, on-time decisions. It is always ready to welcome you with a wide range of products that are integrated at your disposal.

Energy management, bug reporting in building parameters, lighting system, ventilation system, protection and security system, CCTV cameras, video door entry and your audio system only through an application with a very user-friendly interface, seamlessly integrated and controllable from all over the world; although smart speakers are ready to answer your requests via voice commands when you enter your home.

Thanks to the advanced IoT technology, these facilities can be provided even for unfinished buildings without changes in civil and electrical parts of the building, at a very economical cost. All that is needed is to replace the steering keys with more beautiful ones, or even connect the current equipment via wireless interfaces to this advanced technology.

For more information about this topic, see the product’s brochures of this section. Also, our technical experts are eagerly ready to provide additional explanations.