Wiring devices

More than 10 families of luxurious switches and sockets with more than 1000 frame models! Art of master Italian designers in combination of quality and modern technology, suitable for any type of budget and taste that is the result of 75 years of experience of Vimar company.

For each of design style, including classic, modern and neoclassical, luxury products with various frames in colors and materials, including techno-polymer, crystal, processed metal, mirrors, natural leather and stone wood, etc. that can be provided beautifully with the space you consider.

Your choice has the possibility to join traditional rocker, optimized traditional axial and modern touch panels in all designs. Even further, it is possible to print and engrave your own design and logo on the both surface of the mechanism and surface of the frames. A unique possibility that can have an eye-catching and significant effect on customer satisfaction and ease of use.

A wide range of mechanism such as USB chargers, signal transmission sockets such as HDMI, emergency lights, decorative speakers that can be installed in frames and dozens of other items that are designed for your needs.

For more information about this topic, see the product’s brochures of this section. Also, our technical experts are eagerly ready to provide additional explanations.