Door phone and security

All parts of your home, from anywhere in the world, using advanced technology under your safe supervision. There is control of all transitions through advanced door entry systems from anywhere, anti-theft system with decorative sensors and advanced CCTV camera along with a multitude of additional equipment for installation and coverage in favorable dark conditions in terms of capability in these areas.

Whether you live in a private villa or a modern town with several thousand units, your biometric features can be received by Vimar’s advanced door opener systems and used for your keyless entry. Even if you have forgotten your home key or you want to respond to your clients when you are not at home, the advanced Vimar software application is at your disposal.

Vimar’s advanced anti-theft system with a variety of sensors that can be used for outdoor or indoor spaces, provides comprehensive protection of your living space and any unauthorized entry to you through various methods such as phone calls, SMS or integrated software.

In addition to the above features, analog and digital CCTV cameras with a resolution of up to 8 megapixels and the possibility of image processing and activation of alerts and the possibility of night vision with a range of 120 meters can instantly provide the status of your home or workplace.

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