Smart lighting system – efficiency and options of lighting fixtures

We generally use the terms ‘lamp’ or ‘source’ for all types of light-emitting products used in light fixtures to produce the light we need. Every lamp has a variety of characteristics that help determine its most appropriate application. A variety of lamp types are available for residential applications. The most common are incandescent and fluorescent, with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) now beginning to permeate the market.

The following table is a quick reference of the most common lamp types, comparing their energy use, color rendering, life, and where they are typically used.

ApplicationLife (hours)Color rendering index (CRI)Energy useLight source
Accent, task, decorative5000070+LowLED
Ambient, task1000080MediumCompact fluorescent (CFL)
Ambient, task2000080MediumLinear fluorescent
Accent, task, decorative1000100highStandard incandescent
Accent, task4000100highHalogen incandescent

What is efficiency?

Efficiency in light fixtures is a measure of how much light escapes the fixture versus how much light is produced by the source. For example, if a bare compact fluorescent source provides 1000 lumens but, when installed in a fixture, only 600 lumens escape, the fixture is 60% efficient. Significant variations can exist from different manufacturers and within each light source.

Consequently, it is a good idea to look for the ENERGY STAR® symbol. Lighting fixtures that have earned the ENERGY STAR mark combine high performance, quality and the highest levels of energy efficiency, so they help save energy, save money on utility bills, and protect the environment.

It is also worth learning how to calculate the cost of lighting in order to compare various options economically. You need to know three things to do this:

  • Power of the source, in kilowatts (kW).
  • Length of time the source operates, in hours (h).
  • Utility rate, in cents (¢) per kWh.

Annual cost = kW × annual operating hours × utility rate

Even though your utility rate is fixed, you can improve your lighting efficiency by determining the lumens required and choosing an energy-efficient lamp replacement.

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