Month: December 2021

Features of “Room Optimizer”

Computerized room optimization in home theaters is currently implemented in state-of-the-art surround sound processors. A practical example for computerized loudspeaker and listener positioning can be given by the software program “Room Optimizer” which was developed in 1997. This program allows computing the optimum locations for loudspeakers and listeners within a certain area which can be …

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ITU-R BS.775-3 Surround Sound Recommendations

The International Telecommunication Union’s radio communications division recommended ITU-R BS.775-3 for a multi-channel stereo audio system with or without video. Which was updated in 2012. And will be discussed in excerpts, the main points of which we mentioned in the previous post. 3/2 loudspeaker Figure 1. depicts the ITU recommendations for a 3/2 loudspeaker arrangement …

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