Key points of lighting design of home sections – part 1

So far, we have provided the characteristics of lighting equipment, efficiency, application, how to use each one according to the space, design and finally a general checklist for it; Now let’s look at the key points and details that we need to consider for conventional spaces in the house.

Entry way and hallway

  • Avoid using only spotlights, which can shadow.
  • Provide accent lighting on art or pictures.
  • Track lighting or aimable downlights can provide accent and ambient wall wash.
  • Use a decorative pendant or wall sconce near the door to create a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Ensure access to switches from multiple locations.
  • Use efficient sources, as these lights are often on for longer periods of time.
Entry way and hallway – plan

Living room

  • Create flexibility through portable lighting.
  • Provide good ambient/indirect lighting.
  • Make sure glare is controlled for comfortable reading.
  • Use switched receptacles to integrate fluorescent torchieres.
  • Accent lighting should be used in some locations to create various scenes and an intimate atmosphere.
Living room – plan

Multiple fixture types in one room allow for flexibility. Wall sconces can provide effective ambient light if directed up. Portable lamps are always a good option for living rooms. Also, consider matching wall sconces and pendants. Courtesy: Randall Whitehead, Kichler Lighting

Dining room

  • Separate the control of multiple layers to create various moods.
  • Don’t rely on a chandelier to provide all the light; supplement with downlights and sconces.
  • Aim downlights toward walls to create ambient light.
  • Provide dimming controls to enhance an intimate atmosphere and allow flexibility.
Dining room – plan

Chandeliers are decorative and should be kept relatively dim. Supplement with downlights. Most of the light on this table is from the recessed downlights, not the chandelier. Also, remember that portable lights can take many forms and will enhance the atmosphere of most rooms. Courtesy: Juno Lighting

Occhio and Secom lighting products, with a wide range of applications for any type of space and use, with an extremely beautiful design allow you to complete the above checklist according to your needs and design and provide you a pleasant atmosphere for everything.

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