Key points of lighting design of home sections – part 2

So far, we have provided the characteristics of lighting equipment, efficiency, application, how to use each one according to the space, design and finally a general checklist for it; Now let’s look at the key points and details that we need to consider for conventional spaces in the house.


  • Avoid track lighting in favor of multiple layers with separate controls.
  • Add light where needed for meal preparation with task lights under the front of cabinets.
  • Wash light down cabinets to bring out colors and wood grains.
  • Kitchen lights are on a lot, so energy-efficient choices are particularly important.
Kitchen – plan

Larger pendant fixtures can be an attractive focal point, while a skylight, finished with a soft diffuser, brings welcome daylight into a kitchen. Using no electricity, skylights use the most efficient light source. Home lighting with Occhio products, with the ability to choose the lens, filter and smart features including touchless control and OcchioAir application allows you to have the best lighting output according to your needs, space and design.


  • Create ambient light by washing walls with downlights or with surface or pendant fixtures.
  • Provide glare control for reading. To do this, you can use Occhio lights, which have the ability to adjust the light, change to decorative mode and touchless control.
  • If using a single fixture, consider a pendant with both up-light and downlight. Occhio Mito models are a good option for this purpose.
  • Put closet lights directly above the doorframe.
  • Choose efficient sources for kids’ bedrooms especially if they are used a lot.
Bedroom – plan

Recessed halogen downlights on dimmers allow the homeowner to set a relaxing mood. LED reading lights can be dimmed and directed as required. Closet lighting above the door highlights clothing. Items that can be seen and used in all Occhio spot lights.


  • Strong light should be directed towards the face of someone standing at the mirror. Use wall-mounted sconces or decorative linear fluorescent strips.
  • Consider a small LED light with a GFCI outlet by the toilet for safe night passage without blinding light. Vimar emergency lights are located in your switch case, are charging while your electricity flows and will be available to you in the blackouts.
  • Provide a dimmable light over the tub for reading, located over the head area. Consider a low voltage for increased safety.
  • Screw-in fluorescent lamps provide efficiency while allowing stylish fixture choices.
Bathroom – plan

A wide variety of wall sconces and sink area fixtures are available to fit in with the décor or make a statement on their own.

Occhio and Secom lighting products, with a wide range of applications for any type of space and use, with an extremely beautiful design allow you to complete the above checklist according to your needs and design and have a pleasant atmosphere for everything.

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