Perceptive Effects

Humans are adaptable to sound and therefore able to compensate for what may be seen as flaws of a room.

The localization of a sound source in a room comprises two major dimensions. The identification of Direction, which includes the precedence effect for allowing us to localize the sound source in the presence of room reflections and the identification of Distance, also determined by means of early reflections.

The spatial impression, as introduced before through the parameter Spaciousnes  can be separated in the apparent source width (ASW) and the listener envelopment (LEV).

The spatial impression perceived in sound reproduction can be influenced by several factors. The recording technique is usually the prime determinant as well as the directivity of the loudspeaker and the reflectivity of the surfaces contributing to the first lateral reflections. It was also found that wide-dispersion loudspeakers with a lower sound quality can be preferred compared to a narrow-dispersion loudspeaker having superior sound quality.

quality or quamtity?

This can be explained by the early lateral reflections (at least 30-40 dB below the direct sound) from different directions which tend to fill in the interference dips, making the spectrum more pleasant to the listener. Thus, in multichannel sound reproduction, the influence of the loudspeaker quality and the listening room itself may become less important.

Dali Phantom In-wall speaker installed in residential project

However, wide-dispersion loudspeakers need to face surfaces with the ability to cause lateral reflections which is almost a rule in room design. Nevertheless, every loudspeaker should perform well as an individual especially during an isolated performance, which frequently applies for center channels in sound reproduction in movie

The reason for a good performance in isolation is that hard panned sounds have the modest effect on creating image broadening and hence spatial enhancement might not apply in that case.

What has been said so far and what we will discuss in the future, will pave the way for creating a home theater of the highest quality. The audio products offered in Saba Smart systems, which include Dali speakers, Yamaha amplifiers and inakustik cables with their great variety and high quality, make it possible to implement any type of equipment according to the relevant needs.

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