Improving Room Acoustics

It is a priority to have loudspeakers with good quality before starting to address the acoustics of the home theater rather than trying to correct the performance of a poor sound reproduction system.

Something to consider is that a multichannel sound reproduction system is the standard in modern home theaters and therefore the contribution of the room on the impression of sound quality is small for reasons discussed in the previous chapter.

Moreover, one should not try to correct the acoustics of a home theater by examining acoustical interferences through bringing in pink noise and simultaneously walking around the room.

The following reasons:

  • Broadband noise is not a realistic program material and might reveal more flaws than the material played in such environments.
  • A listener is usually seated at one position and as seen before, able to adapt to the sound.

What is the solution to improve room acoustics?

So to improve room acoustics, we consider the following:

  1. Improving Room Acoustics through Passive Acoustic Treatment
  2. Acoustical Diffusers
  3. Home Furnishing as Sound Absorbers
  4. Improving Room Acoustics through Active Absorption
  5. Acoustic Decoupling of a Home Theater

All 5 above will be explained in detail in future posts. These will pave the way for creating a home theater of the highest quality. The audio products offered in Saba intelligent systems, which include dolly speakers, Yamaha and Cambridge audio amplifiers, and inacoustic cables with great variety and high quality, make it possible to implement any type of equipment to meet the relevant needs.

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