Acoustical Diffusers

Acoustic diffusers are used to break up the incident sound and redirecting the reflections into many directions. Diffusers are only effective where the wavelength of the sound is long compared to the surface irregularities.

The diffusion of sound is always associated by sound absorption which can be explained by the distribution of energy of the direct sound over a larger range of redirected sounds.

Diffusers of hemicylindrical shapes are often seen in listening rooms. However, the scattering effect is reduced if a diffuser consists of multiple semi-cylinders.

This inefficiency can be addressed by spacing them at random distances as well as varying the depth and the angles of the cylinders.

In home theaters, many furnishing elements act as obstacles when facing sound waves and can be useful in scattering them which eventually can yield in improving the acoustics.

In this post, we explored two types of sound absorbers that are effective in controlling sound reflections; Other types of these absorbers and the things that need to be mentioned to improve the sound will be published in future posts. These will pave the way for creating a home theater of the highest quality.

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